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Cyclocomputers and heart rate monitors for cycling 【Free Shipping】 - Biketic


Do you have any doubts about which bike computer to buy?

Complete your cycling equipment with any of the cyclocomputers & nbsp; from our store that we show you below.

Although it seems that it is not so important to carry one of them, it is quite the opposite, the GPS cyclocomputers incorporate a multitude of functions that will provide you with information about your performance on the bike . With this you can improve your subsequent workouts if you compare them with those of days gone by.

If you prefer to carry your computer with you and it is not annoying when handling the bike, we give you to choose a wrist heart rate monitor , which are small but have the essential functions to be able to practice sports: they count calories, heart rate, training time ... Choose the color that you like the most!

In our store we also put at your disposal the odometer , which are attached to the handlebar with an adapter. With this & nbsp; device you will be able to know the speed, distance and travel time thanks to its GPS and see the statistics after training. If you want you can also upload to social networks the route you have done through a micro USB cable.
The LEZYNE brand odometer is also sold, along with a heart rate monitor and cadeniometer, the complete kit!. P>

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