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Avoid splashing with a bike mudguard

If you are one of those who do not give up going out with the bike even in bad weather, buy one of our mudguards . They protect you from splashes of water or mud while pedaling, preventing your favorite sport from becoming an uncomfortable moment.

You have to choose the mudguard appropriate for your bike and the discipline you practice and here we are going to help you to achieve this.

For road bikes we advise you to buy & nbsp; a rear fender , which fits on the seat post and prevents splashes from reaching the part lower your back. Also a good option is the complete set of fenders that are fixed to the bike, for road and ride, also available in our shop. For this, your bike must have suitable supports and holes in the frame.

For mountain bikes it is preferable that you opt for a rear mtb fender like the one we have commented before, and complement it with & nbsp; another enduro that is placed on the front wheel and it is very light. & nbsp;

Now you just have to see the great variety of fenders that we have in our on-line shop of bicycles and buy the that you like best and fits your needs.

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