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Sports nutrition for cyclists - Biketic


Nutrition before, during and after training is vital for the health of the cyclist.

We offer you a wide selection of products that will help the athlete not suffer the consequences of overexertion.

The energy bars and biscuits-waffles provide extra energy immediately during training, they also come in different flavors so as not to fall into boredom.

The energy drinks They are presented in liquid or powders to be mixed with water and offer all the hydration and energy that the cyclist needs while on the bike.

The energy gels, on the other hand, are light to carry and provide enough nutrients to replace the loss of salts through sweat and maintain the level of effort of the cyclist since they contain caffeine, amino acids and mineral salts among other components, in addition, like that with the energy bars, they are presented with different flavors.

The Food supplements in capsules, to be taken daily, they help fight fatigue and improve performance.

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