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    Tank protective adhesive sticker spirit

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    According to the data provided by the manufacturer, this article is valid for the following brands, models and years:
    BMW 1200 GS: 2006-2010
    BMW C 650 GT: 2012-2017
    BMW C600 SPORT: 2012-2015
    BMW C650 SPORT: 2016-2018
    BMW F650: 1996-1996
    BMW F650 CS: 2003-2005
    BMW F650 GS: 2001-2013
    BMW F650 PROTECTION HASTA/TO: 1996-1996
    BMW F650 ST: 1997-2000
    BMW F700 GS: 2012-2017
    BMW F800 GS: 2008-2013
    BMW F800 GS ADVENTURE: 2013-2018
    BMW F800 GT: 2013-2018
    BMW F800 R: 2009-2013
    BMW F800 S: 2006-2012
    BMW F800 ST: 2007-2012
    BMW G310: 2016-2017
    BMW G310 GS: 2017-2018
    BMW G310 R: 2016-2018
    BMW G650 GS: 2010-2012
    BMW G650 X-COUNTRY: 2007-2010
    BMW HP2 Enduro: 2005-2008
    BMW HP2 Megamoto: 2005-2008
    BMW HP2 SPORT: 2008-2011
    BMW HP4: 2013-2016
    BMW K BASE: (No defined years)
    BMW K1100 RS: 1992-1996
    BMW K1100LT: 1991-1999
    BMW K1200 GT: 2003-2005
    BMW K1200 LT: 1999-2009
    BMW K1200 R: 2005-2010
    BMW K1200 R SPORT: 2007-2010
    BMW K1200 RS: 1997-2005
    BMW K1200 S: 2005-2009
    BMW K1300 GT: Until 2012
    BMW K1300 R: 2009-2013
    BMW K1300 S: 2009-2012
    BMW K1600 GTL: 2011-2018
    BMW K1600GT: 2011-2018
    BMW R 1150GS Adventure: 2002-2005
    BMW R 850: (No defined years)
    BMW R NINE T: 2014-2018
    BMW R NINE T PURE: 2017-2018
    BMW R NINE T RACER: 2017-2018
    BMW R NINE T SCRAMBLER: 2016-2018
    BMW R NINE T URBAN G: 2017-2018
    BMW R NINE T URBAN S: 2017-2018
    BMW R1100: (No defined years)
    BMW R1100 GS: (No defined years)
    BMW R1100 R: (No defined years)
    BMW R1100 RS: 2000-2002
    BMW R1100 RT: (No defined years)
    BMW R1100 S: 2003-2005
    BMW R1150 GS: Until 2005
    BMW R1150 GS STANDARD MODEL: 1999-2004
    BMW R1150 R: 2001-2006
    BMW R1150 RS: 2003-2005
    BMW R1150 RT: 2003-2005
    BMW R1200 C: 1997-2004
    BMW R1200 GS: 2005-
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    Tank protective adhesive sticker spirit

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